AFFORDABLE, STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY, simple to use, installs in minutes.
    Connect anytime, from anywhere via speech mic, land line or optional portable apps.  E-sig web application.  
    Optional auto-faxing.  Platforms including standard HL7 interfaces, PACS integrations and optional voice recognition
    make this the most cutting-edge, seamless solution available  from origination to destination!


    Is your current system meeting or exceeding your documentation requirements while keeping expenses down?  Is your staff satisfied with
    your current system?  Is your facility providing them with the proper tools to dictate and sign documentation digitally and electronically?  Are
    reimbursements being paid as expeditiously as you would like?

    Could your department use a better overall platform?  Whether you're looking for a better system, upgrading your current one or adding to your staff
    of specialists, our teams of knowledgeable and experienced technicians, transcriptionists, editors, coders and support/ancillary staff will make it
    easier.  We'll match your department with a more flexible and efficient system, saving you critical time and revenue. Thereafter, our teams of
    proficient specialists will implement and maintain your target goals, consistently producing accurate and timely electronic documentation utilizing
    the latest in technology.  
Documentation FOR TODAY


    KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EXPERIENCED editors and transcriptionists
    committed to producing quality healthcare documentation consistently on time, every time.

    Management teams, quality assurance teams and information systems teams, all
    professionally trained and extensively experienced.

    Courteous and helpful support representatives available to assist with account questions
    or requests.

877-AL MT INC (1-877-256-8462)
Local 281-589-7678
Fax:  877-303-2284

    1773 Westborough Dr., Suite 300, Katy, TX  77449 -  877-256-8462
Digital Dictation/Speech Mics/Portable
Apps/Hands-free/Optional voice
E-signature/editing from
any I-net location.